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These regulations are aimed at creating favorable conditions and the most comfortable for you while in Hanoi. These are prescribed for all the customers, employees and external clients.

When necessary, the Board of Directors has the right to change, correct or cancel the rules according to the actual situation.


1. Rooms are only allowed to stay, in addition to not being allowed to use for other purposes such as offices, gambling or any illegal purpose other.

2. Only registered guests staying in accordance with Vietnam's laws are allowed to use the room. Those who do not register is not used rooms

3. Hotel Director and Head of security department has the right to prevent people from deliberately causing disorder or threaten the safety of guests staying at the hotel.

4. Head of security department may request external guests presented the reasons are present in the building if necessary.

5. Guests staying at the hotel and guests are required dressed in the public areas of the building

6. Guests are not allowed residence or your employees use their public spaces in the building to avoid causing inconvenience to other guests

7. Guests staying at the hotel to avoid causing nuisance, loss or obstruct the surrounding hotel.

8. Guests staying at the hotel to avoid noise impact on surrounding guests especially from 10 pm to 7 am

9. No reserves of explosives, flammable, especially gas bottles in the room. Do not cook in the room

10. Not to waste, all kinds of dirt, junk clogging the system sinks, toilets or plumbing

11. Garbage must be packed in bags carefully before making room to move

12. Cigarettes are to be extinguished into ashtray

13. Do not throw rubbish or other items out the window or balcony

14. Not destroyed, causing damage to devices in public areas. If they cause will pay compensation to the hotel

15. The Board of Directors reserves the right to remove the signs, objects obstructing without prior notice to the customer if necessary.

16. The letter sent to residents in the hotel will be sent to the room. The Board of Directors is not responsible for any case of a gift, toys sent to the lost

17. Guests staying unsolicited company employees out of work and to serve their own purposes.